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Flexible without compromising quality – The Gelpack

ICECATCH gel packs are excellent for shipping temperature-sensitive products. The water-based coolant contained can be used for many cooling cycles without any loss of quality, does not contain any toxic substances and can therefore be disposed of in household waste without any problems. All materials used meet the highest standards of robustness and non-toxicity and are approved for use in the pharmaceutical, laboratory and food sectors.

The film composite that encloses the inside of our cooling elements consists of at least 50 percent “green polyethylene”. Unlike conventional plastic, which is made from petroleum or natural gas, the “green” plastic is made from the waste of sugar cane, by using waste from sugar cane, a new and sustainable alternative to standard polyethylene is offered.

Reliable cold storage

through the use of immobilized cooling medium


Film composite based on at least 50% sugar cane waste

Secure use

in the pharmaceutical and food industries approved PA/PE film and non-toxic ingredients

Water based cooling element

Maximum impermeability

due to many years of experience in material selection and manufacturing technology

Easy adaption

to individual dimensional and weight requirements

Fast freezing

through due to the use of cold-permeable shipping cartons

Ideal advertising medium

Cold packs offer a large advertising space and can be designed excellently


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