Move your temperature-sensitive products quickly and safely from A to B. With the ICECATCH PROTECT system packaging you’ll always have the correct temperature – even if the journey goes through the desert and the arctic ice. Welcome to eutecma!

Step by step to an agile cold chain

Your cold chain runs flawlessly when all processes and materials mesh. We’ll show you how to transport pharmaceuticals or foodstuffs safely and smoothly.

Cooling solutions for the pharmaceutical industry

Quality and safety are your top priorities? We make the transport and storage of thermosensitive pharmaceutical products simpler, more reliable – and more sustainable than ever.

Cooling solutions for food

Frozen food, chilled food, fresh meat: food likes it cold. With our solutions, transport and storage become safer and simpler – and you’re doing something good for the planet.

Quality that You can rely on.

Modularity: Always a good fit

Why modular components? So that you can load every transport box exactly as you need to – with minimal effort and maximum protection for your product. And in doing so, you’ll enjoy considerable savings in storage and transport.

Sustainability: Greener is cooler

Sustainability is a matter of the heart for us: Our products are made of multi-use components and maximally sustainable mono materials – sugar cane waste for example. This preserves our environment.

Innovation: Perfect is not enough

Innovation without compromise is our passion. We enjoy questioning seemingly “perfect” products and to surprise the market with novel ideas. There’s always a way to be more intelligent, efficient and sustainable. And our customers notice that, day in and day out.

ICECATCH cooling elements and PROTECT BOXES:
The DREAMTEAM For your Logistics

ICECATCH PROTECT system packaging for every challenge

Transport your products simply and safely in all temperature ranges – and from 4 to 1588 liters volume. Our reusable system packaging protects your goods safely and cost-efficiently – even in the harshest climatic conditions and roughest transport situations.

Cooling elements that are part of a modular system

You simply insert the ICECATCH cooling elements into the slots of the PROTECT system packaging as needed. This way you can use the entire volume and load every transport individually. Available temperature ranges are: Ambient (+15°C to +25°C), Insulated Cool (+2°C to +8°C) and Frozen (-25°C to -25°C).

Particular needs? Individual solutions

Do your products have to meet any special requirements? Together with you, we’ll develop customized cooling systems – quickly, reliably, and efficiently. During the process, our R & D department ensures that everything meets the quality standards you require.