what makes
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Welcome to eutecma

Since 2008 we have had only one goal: to develop and produce passive cooling systems that make transport and logistics more efficient and sustainable.


eutecma was established as a spin off from ideapro GmbH, a company specialized in chemical-technical innovations. We develop modular, sustainable and innovative cooling solutions for a safe and efficient cold chain. Our products have proven themselves successful for our customers time and time again. And this makes our products the first choice for pharmaceuticals and food companies. The people behind eutecma make sure that several million ICECATCH cooling elements and the corresponding PROTECT boxes leave our factory in the Mannheim Harbor every year. Since our founding we have posted growth rates of more than 20% every year.


Together with our customers, we always question the status quo and develop unique innovations. So with eutecma, you’re getting more than just a supplier – you benefit from a highly agile partner and technological trail blazer.


Among our innovations you can find, for example, the ICECATCH® cooling systems for pharmaceutical, medical and laboratory diagnostics as well as the food business. Why “systems”? Because we consistently ensure that our products work together perfectly with people and the environment along the entire cold chain. This is the only way to ensure that you will always receive the most simple, reliable and cost-effective solutions.

our values

Innovation takes our customers to the top

We want to become the global market leader for passive cooling systems. And that’s why we are continuously improving our products and processes for you.

Honesty is the foundation for doing good business together

Honesty builds trust. And only trust allows for a long-lasting collaboration that is fun – day after day.

We love transparency and responsibility

We say what we mean and blend different perspectives into our products and projects. And that’s something our customers appreciate.

PARTNER locations

eutecma customers benefit from the globally connected locations of our production partners. Be it in the USA, Spain, the Czech Republic or the Netherlands: we secure your cold chain reliably and internationally.

Ask us!

We would love to have the chance to excite you with our ideas, our service and our quality. We look forward to hearing from you.