ICECATCH Waterpack

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Flexible and 100% sustainable – The new Waterpack

The ICECATCH® Waterpack is excellent for shipping temperature-sensitive products such as fresh fish, meat, fruit, vegetables and medical products due to its food-approved film and use of 100% water with no added ingredients.

The contained UV-treated tap water is free of microorganisms. The film of the ICECATCH® Waterpack is made of 100% monofilm, which is produced from at least 50% sugar cane waste.

The user can reuse the ICECATCH® Waterpack or return the water to nature and water the flowers. This means that only 100% recyclable monofilm remains, which can be returned to the recycling cycle via the yellow (plastics) garbage can. This makes the ICECATCH® Waterpack a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution for your refrigerated shipping.

100% recyclable film

Food approved film

Film composite

consists of min. 50% sugar cane waste

Water 100% recyclable

to water flowers or dispose of via the drain

Fast freezing through

through the use of cold-permeable shipping cartons

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