Triple bonus for airfreight transports: PROTECT Vaccine Insulated Boxes

When planning vaccine shipments by air, the modular PROTECT Insulated Box System from eutecma lands a perfect trifecta:

Number one: The modular design of the box allows for a precise pack-out. Here, only the volume needed is packed in the Vaccine Insulated Box. There is no such thing as a half-empty box anymore!

Number two: the PROTECT Vaccine Insulated Box is made of EPS/Styropor. This material is robust and extremely light. Which is a great benefit considering today’s high demand for airfreight. Because now, every kilo or liter you save counts.

Number three: There is a special bonus that comes with Deep-Frozen-Transports (-70 °C), where we combine classic dry-ice with ICECATCH©-Frozen cool bricks. This cuts down on the amount of dry ice needed by up to 30 percent (!). That is a big plus, since the amount of dry ice you can transport on a plane is limited due to safety issues.

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