GDP compliant

Create a modular and sustainable Pharma cold chain

Shipping temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals safely is a major logistical challenge. Choose precision and agility: Our modular and reusable cooling solutions put you on the safe side for all your transport needs.


Stay flexible

Dynamic times demand agile solutions. Our ICECATCH PROTECT system packaging adapts to your needs quickly and simply – the modular design allows you to build a box within minutes to fit your exact needs using the appropriate cooling elements. Or you can develop an individual system together with us.

Shrink your CO2 footprint

Our ICECATCH PROTECT system packaging can be easily re-used – with retecma, our Refreshment Center program. After each transport the boxes are inspected and sanitized. That’s CO2-saving circular economy at its best!

Secure logistics

Temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals and vaccines need an unbroken cold chain to maintain their effectiveness. The longer the distance, the greater the challenge. With our ICECATCH PROTECT solutions you can safely meet the GDP standards for storage and transport.

During the COVID 19 pandemic, the German Federal Department of Health relied on eutecma. Inside our PROTECT boxes, vaccines were held at the ideal temperature – from Moderna, BioNTech and AstraZeneca to Johnson & Johnson: from -20° C to +2-8° C and <-70° C.
Real world solutions

Advantages for the pharmaceutical cold chain


Reduced handling costs
thanks to our modular ICECATCH PROTECT system packaging.

Low implementation costs
you only need to train and qualify one system.

Reduced delivery transport volume
thanks to compact individual components.


PROTECT boxes are reusable
via the retecma circular economy.

Environmental resources
are conserved thanks to our sustainable I’m green™ film.

Passive cooling solutions
save energy and are environmentally friendly.


Maximal Safety
thanks to our finely-tuned stack & slot system.

Low logistics costs
ONE cooling element format for ambient, cool and frozen.

Freight cost savings
thanks to the integrated insulating layer in the ICECATCH Solid Insulated.

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Do you want to transport vaccines, medication or biopharmaceuticals safely and sustainably? Put our know-how to work for you.