The EUTECMA TRIAD for your cold chain

Cooling systems play a crucial part in global logistics. And the stakes are high: efficient processes, agile supply chains, and a smaller CO2 footprint. To reach these goals, we rely on three principles: modularity, sustainability and innovation.


Our system packaging offers a maximum of modularity. You save time, money and warehouse costs.


Sustainability is of great importance to us. And that is reflected in our products.


We question the standard and are continuously improving our cold chain solutions.


Balance fluctuating freight cost out of the equation

Our modular boxes help you to save significantly lower weight and costs. That makes economic sense – not only for air freight where every pound counts, but also on trucks. The frame of the boxes can be quickly and easily raised or lowered by hand, depending on the volume of goods to be shipped.



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See for yourself how the ICECATCH PROTECT system packaging is redefining modularity.

Maximum of safety
thanks to a well-matched stack & slot system.

Low logistics costs
ONE cooling element format for PROTECT ambient, cool and frozen.

Reduced handling costs
thanks to the modular stacking system of the PROTECT boxes.

Low implementation costs
you only need to qualify and train one system.


Help your cold chain and the planet

Many of our customers have creating a green supply chain high up on their list of priorities. The solutions, however, require seamless integration into the logistics processes. Our innovations make that very easy: You are already pre-qualified. The boxes can be used multiple times, and we are continuously testing possibilities to find materials that are even more sustainable.

Sustainability rethought

As a pioneer in the field of sustainable cooling solutions, eutecma is constantly developing new concepts to make the transport of temperature-sensitive goods more environmentally friendly. Our latest development in sustainability is retecma – the world’s first recycling circuit for insulated cold storage. The AI-supported recycling circuit ensures that the life span of a PROTECT box increases many times over: In our Refreshment Centers, the boxes are inspected after each transport, cleaned and repaired if necessary. This increases the service life of each PROTECT box and realizes both CO2 and financial savings.



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Get to know retecma: our in-house Refreshment Center Program.

ICECATCH cooling elements can be used multiple times
thanks to robust PA/PE films.

PROTECT Boxes reusable
thanks to the retecma circular economy.

Environmental resources
are conserved thanks to our sustainable ICECATCH PA/PE composite film.


Question the status quo of your cold chain

As a trail blazer in cooling technology, we are continually optimizing our products, and in this way set new standards. Case in point: our ICECATCH Solid Ambient: The PA/PE composite film is based on 50% sugar cane waste and the ingredients are plant-based. Or take our ICECATCH Solid Insulated Cool, the unique cooling element that self-insulates.


4–1.588 l
volume available
through expandable ICECATCH PROTECT system packaging.

A maximum of safety
thanks to a finely-tuned stack & slot system.

Low logistics costs
ONE cooling element format for ambient, cool and frozen.

Freight cost savings
thanks to insulation layer in the ICECATCH Solid Insulated.