ICECATCH: Cooling elements as a modular system

What kind of cooling elements do you need? We have them all: Gel packs, foam bricks, and the self-insulating ICECATCH Solid Insulated in various sizes and weights and for different temperature corridors. And if that’s not enough, we – in collaboration with your team – will develop an individualized passive cold storage element, including consulting and qualification.

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Innovative Materials

The I’m green™ film inside our cooling elements is based on at least 50% green polyethylene made from sugar cane waste. This sustainable material comes from renewable raw materials and is much more environmentally friendly, while at the same time possessing almost exactly the same properties as oil-based polyethene.

Certified Quality

ICECATCH cooling elements are in direct contact with pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and food. This requires especially high standards regarding safety and reliability: Our ICECATCH cooling elements are manufactured and certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 22716 standards.

Advantages for your cold chain


ONE ICECATCH Solid format
fits all PROTECT boxes, sinking transport and storage cost

Flexible temperature
thanks to a wide range of available temperature corridors, ICECATCH cooling elements can meet any requirement: from -25°C to + 25 °C.


Reusable cooling elements
thanks to robust PA/PE composite films.

Conserves environmental resources
thanks to our sustainable ICECATCH PA/PE composite film made of at least 50% sugar cane waste.

Passive cooling solutions
save energy and are environmentally friendly.


Secure use
in the pharmaceutical and food industry with approved PA/PE film.

Quick freezing
through the utilization of cold-permeable shipping boxes.

Additional stability
thanks to the integrated insulation layer in the ICECATCH Solid Insulated.

Cooling elements that meet the highest standards

ICECATCH Solid Ambient

With ICECATCH Solid Ambient, you ship products in the temperature range from +15°C to +25°C. The flexible carrier substrate allows the combined cold/warm storage to be used for multiple transport cycles without any loss of quality. The ingredients are 100% plant-based and the PA/PE composite film consists of at least 50% green polyethylene.

ICECATCH Solid Insulated Cool

ICECATCH Solid Insulated Cool is as simple as it is ingenious: a hydrophobic insulating layer prevents the radiative cold of the -18°C pre-frozen cooling elements from lowering the temperature in the product space below +2°C. Its PA/PE composite film consists of at least 50% green polyethylene.

ICECATCH Solid Frozen

ICECATCH Solid Frozen is perfect for shipping products in the -15°C to -25°C range. This robust combi-cooling element contains only non-toxic ingredients and can be disposed of in the normal household waste.


The ICECATCH Solid cooling element is perfect for shipping temperature-sensitive products. This robust and form-stable cooling element can be used for many cooling cycles without any loss in quality. It is water-based, contains non-toxic materials and can be disposed of in the normal household waste.


ICECATCH Gel packs are perfect for shipping temperature-sensitive products. This water-based cooling agent can be used for multiple cooling cycles without any loss in quality, is extremely robust and completely free of toxic materials.

ICECATCH Waterpack

The ICECATCH Waterpack is perfectly suitable for shipping temperature-sensitive products such as fish, meat, fruits, vegetables, and medicinal products. The UV-treated tap water it contains is free of any microorganisms. In addition, the 100% recyclable monofilm can easily be disposed of in the recycling bin.

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