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The built-in safety in your cold chain

System packaging is the ideal medium for transporting your temperature-sensitive products safely in these temperature ranges for up to 120 hours:

PROTECT Ambient (+15°C to +25°C) PROTECT Cool (+2°C to +8°C) PROTECT Frozen (-25°C to -15°C)

The modular design of the system packaging enables temperature- and runtime-specific equipping with cooling elements. The PROTECT EURO-Pallet boxes are available with useable volumes from 172 l to 495 l.

Recycle or reuse PROTECT boxes – it’s that easy

On the inside of each lid you will find a QR code.

You want to reuse the box? Scan the code and click on USE. This will tell you everything you need to know about the next steps.

You don’t have any more use for the box? Click RETURN and you will get the contact details of the nearest recycler.

Learn more: Icecatch PROTECT Guide (


due to the sustainable retecma recycling system.

Flexible system solution

GDP-compliant, qualified system solutions in the temperature ranges +15°C to +25°C (Ambient) or +2°C to +8°C (Cool) or -25°C to -15°C (Frozen)

Compatible with ICECATCH

all PROTECT system packaging can be used with the cooling elements ICECATCH Solid Ambient 800 g, ICECATCH Solid Insulated Cool 1.100 g, ICECATCH Solid Frozen 1.800 g and commercially available dry ice.

Efficient cooling element format

low scheduling and stocking costs, as only one cooling element format is required

Without further insulation

easy handling, no additional insulation material

Optimal usable volume

reduced packaging size with optimum net useful volume

No slipping

the cooling elements are firmly seated in the box due to the attachment and insertion frame


Modular system with regard to volume, temperature and runtime requirements

Simply light

reduced transport costs due to weight optimization

Ordered today, with you tomorrow

immediate, global availability

No tools needed

no tooling costs

ATTENTION: Our PROTECT boxes can be equipped with the cooling elements Cool | Ambient | Frozen. Cooling elements are not included in the scope of delivery


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