Every kilogram, every liter of air freight space saved counts

In a recent interview with the German opinion-leading daily Süddeutsche Zeitung, Dorothea von Boxberg, Chief Executive Officer of Lufthansa Cargo, discussed the current situation in the air freight sector. Here are some of the key points she raised in the interview: There’s still a shortage of cargo holds on long-haul flights; there is extremely high demand; and the average prices are some three times higher than usual. The way we see it, this means that air cargo space as a resource is inevitably more valuable than ever.

Since the situation involves a variety of challenges, one aspect is all the more important for companies sending temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products via airfreight: The pack-out of the cool boxes due to enter the aircraft, should be as efficient as possible. The more the available space can be adapted to suit the volume of goods, the better. Or conversely: Every box which ends up in the cargo hold only half full is wasting valuable space and costs much more than is necessary.

This is precisely what can be achieved with eutecma’s PROTECT modular packaging system. Only goods that are actually required are placed in the space available. This means that optimal use is made of the capacity available in the aircraft, which is highly valuable at the present time. It’s time to start saving kilograms and liters in your air freight operations!



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